Indication: Restorer and Revitalizer of stainless-steel instruments.

Composition: Phosphoric acid + surfactants

Characteristics: Concentrated product.

Packaging: 1 L (33.8 Fl Oz) /1.5 L (50.7 Fl Oz) /5 L (169 Fl Oz)

Dilution: 100ml (3.38 Fl Oz) to 900 ml (30,4 Fl Oz) of water.

Description: ARPO®SHINE R is a renovating and revitalizing solution for medical and dental surgical instruments made of stainless-steel. ARPO ® SHINE R removes rust, stains, water deposits and mineral deposits often observed following sterilization processes. The product also helps loosen joints and rigid locks, thus reducing repairs and replacement costs.

Additional information

  • Non-corrosive for stainless-steel materials.
  • The frequent use of ARPO®SHINE R helps increase the life and efficiency of stainless-steel instruments. 
  • Prevents the corrosion of stainless-steel instruments.
  • Brightens instruments.
  • Restores instruments’ like-new appearance.
  • Removes protein traces, iron oxide deposits, other oxidation spots and water stains.
  • Suitable for cleaning in ultrasonic tanks.

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