Composition: Didecyl Dimetthyl Ammonium Chloride [DDAC]

Indication: Disinfectant for cleaning and decontamination of surfaces.

Characteristics: Concentrated product

Packaging: 500ml (16.9 Fl Oz) or 1.5 L (50.7 Fl Oz)

Description: ARPO®SURF is a high-performance, aldehyde-free, concentrated disinfectant cleaner with excellent microbicidal efficacy and broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses and spores. Its action against C. difficile spores and different types of viruses brings great benefits by associating the elimination of microorganisms to cleaning in a single step. Suitable for use in healthcare institutions (e.g. hospitals, medical and dental clinics), as well as for hygiene activities and services.

ARPO® SURF can be applied using various methods, including wipes, applicator bottles, mop or immersion. Prior cleaning of the surface is not required. It is also not necessary to rinse after application.

Additional information

  • Economical and durable
  • Disinfectant free of aldehydes, chlorine, alcohols, oxidizing chemicals and phenol, for use in health services.
  • Broad spectrum of action: bacteria, yeasts, fungi, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses and C. difficile spores.
  • Cleans and disinfects even in the presence of organic contamination, such as blood or other body fluids.
  • Its non-greasy formula does not leave surfaces sticky, unlike many QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compound) products.
  • Effective against mycobacteria (including TB – Tuberculosis Bacillus).
  • Combined disinfection and cleaning.
  • Excellent cleaning performance.
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials.
  • Quick action.
  • Approved by DVG (“Deutsche Veterinärmedizinische Gesellschaft” – German Association of Veterinary Medicine) and VAH (“Verbund für Angewandte Hygiene” – Association for Applied Hygiene).

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